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Do You Wish Your Straying Love Had a Homing Device?

Do you wish you could implant some kind of homing device on your boyfriend or girlfriend so you know where he or she is at all times? Well now you can through a system known as a GSM-global system for mobile phone tracking...

This is absurdly easy to do. All you do is enter the phone number you want to track into your GPS and you will be led to sites that will offer you a service for tracking that phone through the inbuilt GPS. Do not be surprised if you are led to a prank site first - it's a bit of advertising gimmick but quite funny!

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend displaying signs of being a cheater but you are just not quite sure what is going on? Does he or she disappear for hours or even days with you having no idea where he or she is and when you ask, you are told you are being too possessive, imagining things or nosy?

Another quite common scenario is the boyfriend or girlfriend that tells you that he or she is done with the ex-wife or husband but still sees him or her on the sly and does not tell you!

If you want to get a genuine reality check on where your loved one can possibly be disappearing to all those missing hours then you might want to investigate the possibility of getting mobile phone tracking system. These systems use GPS, which is the space based global navigation satellite station with the GSM which is based on the signal strength to help you find out where your boyfriend or girlfriend is at any given tiem by tracking their cell-phone.

This system of tracking where someone is through their phone is quite reliable but sometimes GPS systems do make mistakes. In South America, the United U.SA and Canada there is a margin of error for locating where your loved one is with 25 meters. This means that you could be led to believe that your loved one is having an affair with the person across the hall even though in actually he or she is in the elevator 25 meters away.

These phone tracking programs tend to be much more relevant in the U.K., tracking people only 10 meters away. The situation under which they are the least accurate is just about every where else in the world where the results could be 50 meters off. So if the boyfriend is telling you that he is going to the AA meeting in the church, but there is a bar within 50 meters of the church it might be hard for you to tell exactly what is going on.

The only drawback of this system is that your boyfriend or girlfriend must be carrying their cell phone on them in order for this to work. If they leave the phone at home or put it down, then you will not be able to track their whereabouts using this clever type of tracking system.