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Does Your iPhone have the GPS Tracker Bug?

For most cell phone users it is simple to turn off your GPS tracker. You simply go into your tools or preferences menu and turn it off. This prevents someone else from tracking your whereabouts using a GPS tracking service or a mapping GPS service online that only requires a cell phone number or name to find your whereabouts online.

However it was announced in November 2011 that iPhone had GPS tracker bugs that allowed the phone to be tracked. In fact, every time an iPhone user logged into Face book, the location of that person was automatically logged online causing all kinds of domestic and other troubles to people who were unaware that their locations were being pinpointed on maps when they were supposed to be somewhere else.

The iPhone maps all of your GPS locations and this functionality is augmented on the Apple product to provide you information about what shops or restaurants are nearby or to help emergency services find you when you make a 911 call. However the geolocation service is also used by police in the United States to pull people over and arrest them for violations. The iPhone has a weakness that allows outbound phone traffic to be sent to particular towers operated by government spying agencies like Echelon or criminals who want to hack your databases and steal your database information. Your information and location is also much easier for a private investigator to hack as well.

This is because Apple phones do not just get their information from GPS satellites. They use radio waves in a process called triangulation to help find your location without reliance on any gizmos from outer space. As the user of an iPhone you do not get any choice as to whether or not your phone is going to broadcast these signals. Like the GPS chips installed in automobiles you are not able to turn it off.

In November 2011 Apple told users of iPhones to turn the consolidated.db and their GPS off however that does not prevent your information from being detected by these radio towers that collect information off smart phones and collect them in huge databases.

You should be aware then, that if you own an iPhone and are trying to conceal an affair, that you may not exactly be hiding from a location tracking service just because you shut off the GPS. Your phone will still be broadcasting radio waves that can be picked up by cell phone location tracking services.

You should also be aware that it is very easy to remotely pick up radio signals from people speaking into iPhones and especially if they are using the speaker microphone. A law enforcement agency can track your location using an iPhone and then use your phone like a microphone that broadcasts nearby conversations in the room.

Other handsets that are vulnerable to GPS and microphone eavesdropping in this manner are Nextel, Samsung and Motorola Razrs. On the other hand if you are trying to garner information about infidelity then buy your cheating spouse an iPhone, Nextel, Samsung or Motorola Razr to help your tracking service or private investigator get as much information about them as possible.