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How to Track A Cell Phone Without The Owner Knowing

Tracking a person's cell phone can be a bit of a sneaky business. If you suspect someone is cheating you want to do it in a quiet, stealthy way so that the software or tracking device is not discovered. This is because you need to install software in the phone yourself. For some people this can mean also needing to know passwords and how to unlock a cell phone so you can install the program in the first place. If you can't unlock the phone, then tracking the cell phone may not work with certain kinds of software strategies for sleuthing.

There are a few ways of tracking a cell phone that usually take some time to be discovered, if they are discovered at all. The first way is to track the cell phone using it's GPS function. For this to function the cell phone already must have a GPS chip installed on it. Most smart phones that are made today do have this function on it already. If you are not sure if the phone you are targeting has the GPS capability then find out the make and model of the phone and then phone the manufacturer and find out if it exists.

The second way is to sneakily install a program on the phone that tracks the cells calls, logs and text messages and sends them to you.

The third option is to use cell phone tracing software. In this case you install a tracking code on the target software. This can tell you location, nearby attractions, dialed and received calls, sent and received messages and the URLS visited. Some of these programs also allow you access to everything, including all content and all contacts in a messenger book. You can also track as many phones as you want using cell phone tracking software which can be valuable if you suspect that your best friend is cheating with your wife and you have access to both targeted cell phones. The only drawback of this type of surveillance software is it is not always in real time. The data is delivered to you on a consistent basis but it is "after the fact.

This is unlike GPS tracking services which can tell you where a vehicle or cell phone is in real time so that you can go confront the situation in person if you need to. Look for ceil phone tracking software that lets you see on a Google Map where the phone has been. This is invaluable if you are want to catch a cheating couple in action or if you want to somehow silently present the fact the you know to your cheating spouse by simply showing him or her a picture of proof when he or she gets home.

In fact having pictorial evidence like a Google map to show your cheating partner can help spare you both an unnecessary emotional drama and get the fact that you know about the affair across without a great deal of ugliness or recrimination.