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Interesting Uses for GPS and Cell Phone Person Tracking

The uses for GPS and Cell Phone Person Tracking are typically to do with helping to keep track of children or make sure that a spouse is not cheating on your. However there are all kinds of different uses for this technology that you might not be aware of.

Trailblazers can also get special tracking apps and tracking software that allows them to mark new hiking trails through strange fields and forests.  To find your way back out of the wild terrain all you have to do is follow your way back out of the forest looking at your trail that is now marked on the GPS.  Having waypoints and trails marked on GPS units or on cell phone apps that mark trails can also be made public so everyone can see where you are going. That way too, if you get lost in the forest, other people will know where to find you.

Another fun use for GPS tracking is called "geocaching" which is a treasure-hunting style of game where people hide things along a trail and then people try to find them. Usually the hiding spot is marked on a GPS marked trail on your cell phone map and the "prize" is usually located about 100 meters or less within the marked spot.  If you want to find out if anyone near a park or in your area is playing geocashig games then you can find out information about it online.

Fisherman also use the geotracking devices to mark good fishing spots on maps. This works whether you are hiking along a creek or sailing out to sea.

The same kind of onboard emergency locators like Onstar that are on cars are also on boats. These GPS devices help to find sea craft that gets lost on the Great Lakes, oceans and seas.

The same kind of GPS tracking devices that are used for tracking cheating lovers and seeing what your errant children are up to are also widely used in the military.  GPS is relatively new technology, having only been completed in 1994. It was invented so that soldiers could manage finding each other in the vast terrain of the desert during Desert form.  The area is regularly afflicted with sandstorms so vehicles and personnel had receivers so they could find each other in areas where visibility was zero.

GPS is also used to rescue lives. In 2002 it was used to find miners trapped in a mine at Somerset P.A. All police, fire and medical services now use GPS receivers to determine what the nearest vehicle to an emergency is.  This has helped Emergency Rescue workers of all kinds offer the fastest  possible assistance to people in trouble.

Finally it is good to know that the GPS in your cell phone is always enabled and that no matter what happens, you will always be able to be found by rescue teams, even if the phone’s actual GPS is turned off.