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What Can Blackberry, Android and Samsung Cheating Tracking Apps Do?

When you install apps intended to spy on cheating partners using Blackberry, Android and Samsung programs you will be absolutely amazed at what they can do.

For instance if you download these apps device you will be able to perform an amazing number of feats including –

Find out exactly where the target phone is (your cheating partner’s phone is) for its location online – it does not matter where you left it, you can type in a few keystrokes and be shown a map of where you left –

  • Operate the system completely in the background and in a stealth mode so that the user of the phone has absolutely no idea that you are using it
  • Provide on demand location information that works both fro GPS and in the absence of signals in radio mode so that you are never at a loss for where your partner might be -
  • View all text messages sent on the phone even after they have been deleted
  • View call logs on these phones
  • Read all emails from all email addresses
  • View all photos and videos stored on the phone
  • View the Calendar and appointment schedules
  • View your partner's browsing history (so you can determine if he or she belongs to any sex chat rooms)
  • Remotely listen to conversations in real time on the phone – your phone rings when your partner’s does
  • In the case of Blackberries be able to read Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Chat including both sides of messages
  • In the case of Android phones you can find programs that allow you to listen to call recordings and voice notes

Not all apps designed for tracking cheaters have all of these features but you can find programs that do it all just by using your GPS. The best programs send everything that is found out to a central website that you have to log into to see everything that you know.

Androids also offer parental control software that helps you monitor who and how often your kids are texting and also their use of the internet. Aside from the usual features offered by the traditional tracking for cheating programs they also offer –

  • A look at what your child might be bookmarking online
  • Reverse phone look up which allows you access to your kid’s past activity
  • A picture logging function that allows you to see all pictures that have been captured and downloaded
  • A function that allows you to hear recordings of the surroundings where your child is
  • A notification if the SIM card is changed as switching SIM cards is one way that kids have of avoiding being spied on by their parents
  • Recording of live calls that can be uploaded to an online account and listened to
  • Android phones are particular well known for having great apps for monitoring kid activity

You might have to do quite a bit of shopping around to find the application that is absolutely right for you.